Vertical Stabilizer

Hours: 2.6
VS total: 7.1

Deburr rear spar doubler and top rudder hinge doubler.  Cleco hinges onto rear spar, final drill parts attached to rear spar and countersink.  Page one complete.

12/20/2010 - Todd Stovall graciously gave me a tutorial at his house
on the art of aircraft construction.  Thanks Todd!

12/21/2010 - Closeup of real spar doubler.  You can see some of my nice countersinks.  And you can see the marks where I deburred the interior cutouts.  It looks jagged, but it's actually quite smooth to the touch.  The reflections from the overhead lights make it look worse than it really is.  But still, it is uneven.  That's what happens when you try to use a wheel that's too big for the hole and only parts of it get done while other parts are untouched by the wheel.  In the end I used a deburring hand tool.  I think when it comes apart before priming I'm going to go over this again, but this time with a small scotch-brite wheel attached to a dremel.  I know it's fine, but it just looks terrible.
12/21/2010 - a shot of the rudder hinges cleco'ed to the rear spar.

12/21/2010 - You can see the one and only hole that isn't quite right.  The spar tipped while I was drilling and I made this small gouge.  I'll look at it more closely when it's time to rivet and possibly drill it larger and put in the next size up.

12/21/2010 - Page 1 complete!!

12/21/2010 - Just a pretty pattern of clecos holding the top rudder hinge doubler together
with the rear spar and the top hinges.

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