Vertical Stabilizer

Hours: 5.3
VS total: 14.2

Cleco'ed VS skin to skeleton.  Match drilled and then removed skin and took apart skeleton.  Deburred everything.  Marked some holes to remain un-dimpled. Dimpled ribs (except marked holes).  Began dimpling skin - about half-way there.  Accidentally dimpled a few holes in a rib that shouldn't have been and was relieved to learn they could be un-dimpled (searched VAF before and found I could squeeze with flat sets to un-dimple, but only once).  Had lots of help from Scott today.  He did much of the deburring of the skin and also served as a second pair of hands when cleco'ing the skin to the skeleton.  Our daughter Audra came out to help for a while, too.

Audra pointing out what the airplane is supposed to look like.

VS skin cleco'ed to the skeleton.  Some pain was avoided
thanks to those who warned about grinding down a small part of the front ribs.

Finally, we have something that resembles a part of an airplane.

Neat look into the Vertical Stabilizer.

Dimpling the VS skin.  Notice the blue strips that have been removed.

All taken apart again.

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