Vertical Stabilizer

Hours: 5.9
VS total: 24.4

Primed all the parts of the VS then began riveting it all together.

A small enclosure for the parts to warm up in for priming.  Outside temperature was in the low 30's.  Inside this enclosure, a balmy 75.

Parts primed and drying in the warm shelter.  Looks like a couple of pieces are touching in there.  That shouldn't be.  Next time, I'll do a better job keeping them apart.

Zinc Chromate.  Nasty stuff, but supposedly really good for corrosion protection.  And this stuff is self-etching.  I just cleaned the parts and sprayed.  We'll see how it all turns out.  I'll admit some look better than others.  It took a few parts before I got a nice smooth coat down.  But these are all interior parts so pretty isn't my concern.
That's me.  Safety first.
Finally!  The first rivets.  This is part of a rudder hinge and the parts riveted to it are the rudder stops.
Oh no!  It didn't take long.  This is the first rivet I had to drill out.  Before the night was through, there would be two more.

Two of the three rivets I drilled out, I was able to get another in without too much issue.  But this one I had to drill out twice.  What you see is the third rivet I put in and I'm a little concerned about it.  I don't want to drill it out a third time if I don't have to.  But it just doesn't look great to me.  The top side (manufactured head) dips in just a touch on one side and causes me to worry that it might be a spot where a crack can form in the metal.  But If I have to drill it out, I'll almost certainly have to put in a bolt rather than another rivet because the hole will be too big.
A look at the top side.  The shiny part isn't a crack, it's just bare metal where the primer was worn away from all the drilling and re-riveting.  But that is the spot where the rivet head goes into the metal more than it should.
Here's another look at it.  The first rivet on the bottom this side of the spar doubler.  See how it sinks in just a smidge compared to the others around it?

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