Vertical Stabilizer

Hours: 2.4
VS total: 26.8

Not much today by way of tangible progress.  Fixed the questionable rivet mentioned yesterday and got the top rudder hinge riveted in place.  Spent an hour with Todd Stovall and got some hands-on lessons in replacing bad rivets.  Thanks again, Todd.

Questionable rivet before

Questionable rivet after.  Just needs some primer touch-up.
View like the one from yesterday.  Fixed, bigger rivet is visible.

Doubler for the top rudder hinge.  After putting in the wrong size rivets over the hinges, I had to drill out eight of them and replace.  I followed some advice I read on VAF about drilling out and had no problems.  No hole enlargement at all!  I drilled ever so gingerly with a #40 bit into the center of the rivet (these are 470AN4 rivets), but only just past the head and into the shank.  Then I got the #30 and very slowly drilled into the hole made with the #40 bit.  The action of the slowly moving bit broke the head right off.  Then a gentle tap with a punch finished the job.

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