Hours: 2.0
Rudder total: 19.4

Primed all the parts of the rudder.  I used the same stuff as last time, Moeller's Zinc Chromate rattle cans.  This time, I didn't worry about building an enclosure and all.  I set a few sheets of plywood down in the driveway well away from the house.  Then I roughed up all the surfaces really good and wiped it down with MEK.  I gave a good while to dry and laid everything out on the plywood web-side down wherever possible.  I sprayed the primer with a nice thin coat over everything then waited 5 minutes and went over it all again and repeated this until it looked nice and smooth.  Then I waited 20 minutes longer and carefully turned over all the parts.  Because the web-side was down, only the edges of the flanges came in contact with the plywood when I turned the pieces over.  No scratches from the plywood this time!!  I repeated the method described and let the pieces sit again for 20 minutes.  One by one, I carefully brought each piece back into the garage and inspected each part.  All but two stiffeners looked really good.  I placed those stiffeners back on the plywood and made them right.  There were a few places where I could have given it another shot, but let it go realizing that I was started to obsess.  Also, another coat on the skins would make them look better, but I didn't feel another coat would protect any better.  They're covered quite well, just with a little color distortion in some places.  This will be entirely covered so that really doesn't matter as long as it's protected from corrosion.

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