Hours: 5.9
Rudder total: 29.7

Made excellent progress today with the rudder.  Skeleton completely riveted together and left skin in place.  Wish I could do a better job not scratching the primer.  It's better than with the VS, but still not great.  About 4 bad rivets today that had to be drilled out and a few questionable ones that I decided were better staying where they are than pulling them out.  My riveting skills are improving.  One thing to note regarding the far aft flush-rivet in the bottom rib on the left side which the plans say should be a blind rivet because it's impossible to squeeze or buck a solid rivet in that position.  The blind rivet called out in the plans is too small a radius.  After I get it into place and did some work elsewhere, I realized the spot was empty, so I checked the plans again and put in another one which I was able to push right back out the hole after it was set (with the rivet puller).  I used one of the other flush blind rivet types that came with the plans which worked nicely.  If anyone is interested in the numbers which I don't have with me as I type, send me an email and I'll be more specific (joewilbur777 (at) gmail ).

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