Hours: 3.5
Rudder total: 33.2

Got other skin riveted to the spar (thanks to Laura for providing some help tonight).  Also finally realized how to prevent scratching up the spars and ribs when riveting the skins to them.  The picture below shows this high-tech method. ...  Just put tape along the area where the bucking bar is likely to bump up against it.  That in addition to the tape on the bucking bar itself seems to do the job.  I got through the evening and added almost NO scratches at all to the counter-sink rib or the left side of the spar (the side I had left to rivet tonight).

In addition to all this, I prepared for riveting the trailing edge - hopefully tomorrow.  I've decided to go with the method I've read about where you use a piece of heavy angle iron and drill out every other hole with an AEX wedge as a guide.  Then you cleco those holes int he trailing edge itself directly to the angle-iron after taping some rivets into holes.  The angle-iron then acts as a bucking plate for the double-flush process as described in the plans.  I'm really hopeful that as many others I've read about, I'll be able to get a nice straight trailing edge using this method.  The holes are drilled in the angle and the first set of rivets are taped in the trailing edge and ready to go.  ...  Tomorrow...
Picture shows tape as I pulled it away after riveting the skin to the spar here.  Of course, I could have squeezed these rivets but I was in the groove.  I did have to replace one bad rivet.  The shop end of the "oops" replacement is visible in the lower center of the picture.  Most of the rivets were pretty good.  I do tend to over-set just a bit, but not by too much.

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