Hours: 4.5
Rudder total: 40.2

Would have finished the rudder tonight if it weren't for the fact that I don't have a dimple die for a #8 screw.  Very annoying.  The leading edge is rounded and riveted and I did a nice job of it, too.  The counterweight and all that's associated with that is ready to go.  I just need the dimple die I mentioned and then to put it together.  Got some help from Zach today.

Zach was a big help, handing me clecos and rivets and all.  He kept me company, too, by telling me about sponge-bob episodes and about his latest contraptions he's made in his room.  Note that I had a lot of trouble with the tape-the-skin-to-the-pipe method and after struggling with it decided to just grab a 1" PVC pipe I had laying around, cut it to size and match-drill it to the skins.  I then simply cleco-ed the pipe to the skin and used that to roll it to shape.  It really worked well!

 After the pipe was clecoed to the skin, I grabbed both ends of the pipe with a set of pliers as shown in the picture and twisted.  It takes some muscle, but I think it did a really nice job - and was easier (to me at least) and quicker (for me at least) than the tape method described in the plans.

Zach with his reflection holding the rudder in place for me.

The leading edge.  Pretty good job, I'm very happy to say.

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