Vertical Stabilizer - Update

Vertical Stabilizer - Update
Hours: 1.5
VS total: 44.4

I drilled out the other short rivet mentioned last time without much difficulty.  I did have to drill out for an AN5 rivet and then cut a long one down to size ... And AGAIN completely mangled setting the replacement rivet and banged up the metal.  Forget it!  I drilled out the bad rivet, sanded down the new scratches in the aluminum doubler and expanded the hole for an AN3 bolt just like the other side.  Sad, but this is what I feel I have to do at this point.  Not ideal, but I just can't get these two rivets in properly and every time I try to fix it, I make it worse.  And honestly, the symmetry of having the bolt on both sides actually makes it look better.  And because I know the rivets I did have in these spots were way too short, I believe the bolts are safer than leaving it the way it was right after the doubler was originally installed.

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