Vertical Stabilizer

Hours: 3.1
VS total: 29.9

Got skeleton riveted together and we're ready to rivet the skin.

My little helper squeezed rivets for me, held things in place and handed me clecos when needed.

View of the doubler riveted to the the front spar.  Not bad ... Only one out of ten had to be drilled out and replaced.

Skeleton riveted together.  Rivets were bucked and after figuring out the technique turned out pretty good.  I was originally pulling the trigger full blast immediately and the thing jumped all over the place.  Once I realized that I could start with a light squeeze of the trigger and gradually increase, I got really good and consistent rivets.  I also got a chart (from Todd Stoval) showing what pressure to set for best results given the rivet size and length.  Compared to the practice kit, there is a huge improvement here.  I'm very pleased with the quality I'm starting to see.

The VS skin all cleco'ed to the skeleton.  It's ready to be riveted and then we'll be on to the rudder.

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