Horizontal Stabilizer - Completed

Hours: 6.6
HS Total: 74.5

Horizontal Stabilizer is complete!!!

More rivets. It's hard to appreciate just how many rivets are required to hold an airplane together before you start building one. No major issues today at all. Maybe two rivets that had to be drilled out. But that's it. Also had lots of help from Zachary and Audra. We had a really good system going for a while. I stood on a stool in order to reach a spot where I was setting blind rivets. I would pull out a cleco and hand the pliers with the cleco in them to Audra who would then put the cleco away and hand me the pliers when I needed them again. And after I would set a blind rivet, I would hand Zach the hand-puller and he would load it up with another rivet as Audra would hand me the empty cleco pliers. We did this all across the rear spar as I was getting it in place. ... Then we went out to play soccer for a while.

Meantime, Laura was doing her best to fix the mess I had made on the Vertical Stabilizer when I tried to touch up some spots that I had scratched. I thought it would be a good idea to use this white metal primer/sealer I got at Home Depot. I'm sure it was fine, but it looked like a monkey had done the job ... so Laura was doing what she could to fix the problem. She stripped off a good amount of the yellow primer and then used what remained of our yellow to smooth it all out on the VS. But then we ran out of yellow and I thought it would be fine to just use the green. Now the metal is protected as it was before but because of the green and yellow patches, it looks even worse than it did before. I'm now debating about doing it over again, stripping all the primer off and spraying it with the green stuff - or just leaving it alone. Part of area in question will never be visible on the finished airplane and the part that will can be painted later. The important thing is that the metal is protected with the Zinc Chromate primer - whatever color it is. .... But still. I do want it to look good, so we may try to sand it and clean it and maybe put another coat over the whole thing of all green. Probably won't take that long to do, actually.

Audra getting ready to help me build our airplane.  Notice all the missing teeth.

A look down the completed rear spar.  That colorful man in the upper left of the picture was made for me by Audra.  I haven't gotten his name yet, but he's been keeping me company the last couple of evenings when I work on the airplane late at night.  Audra made him for me.

HS completed.

HS completed.

HS completed.

I couldn't resist standing the VS where it will someday be permanently mounted.
And this is where the HS will live until we're ready for him again.

 Elevator parts.  That's next.

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