Horizontal Stabilizer

Hours: 4.0
HS total: 28.3

Got all the parts associated with the front spar all riveted together.  Had some issues (as usual) bucking rivets I couldn't get at with my squeezer.  Then did some more match drilling of the ribs to the front spar.

These are the shop heads of the rivets I had to buck which connect the left bracket to the spar.  Notice the larger rivets on the lower right.  Yes.  Of the 18 rivets I bucked, 6 had to be drilled out, two of which (these two) had to go up a size.  It's pretty scuffed up in the picture, but the rivets are mostly in really good shape.

The shop heads of the other bracket.  Three of the rivets here are replacements, but none had to go up in size. 

These are the manufactured heads of one of the brackets.  They all look a little ugly from the rivet gun jumping, but according to the manual, though they may look bad, they aren't compromised in their strength.  The two larger ones are visible on the lower left.  If it weren't for the fact that I've got two larger (stronger) rivets in the bottom row, I might have replaced the lower right rivet just because the disfigurement from the jumping rivet gun is a bit excessive.  ... I may still replace it, but probably not, as I'd rather not needlessly run the risk of messing up the hole.

The front side of other bracket.

The ribs clecoed to the spar.

Another shot of the ribs clecoed to the front spar.

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