Horizontal Stabilizer

Hours: 5.6
HS total: 33.9

I had to repair some of those rivets from yesterday.  A couple of them were driving me crazy because of how bad they looked.  So, now they look better.  Aside from that, we got the skins and the spars and ribs all clecoed together.  We completely ran out of 3/32 clecos.  I'll have to buy more before starting the wing kit.  Now we're ready to final drill all the skins which will be the next step.  Had lots of help today from Scott, Zach and Daniel.

Here's an updated picture of that bracket.  I replaced two more rivets - the lower right and the one right above that.  Not surprisingly, I had to drill out to #5 and still chopped slightly into the manufactured head on the lower right.  I think my problem was having the pressure set too high.  I figured that out eventually.  Oh well.  According to the manual, these rivets are all safe even though some of them don't look great.  It's difficult but I just have to accept that some things are just not going to look like a professional did them.

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