Hours: 2.0
Elevators: 37.2

Tonight, I riveted the hinge reinforcement plates to the front spar, riveted the root ribs in place and the control horns to the spar and root ribs.

Because I learned today that there may be individuals reading this who may or may not know what these things are that I'm talking about (you know who you are), I'll explain a little here about what's going on. The Elevators are the control surfaces that move upward and downward at the tail of the airplane. They cause the nose of the airplane to point upward and downward. I'm constructing both the right and left elevator at the same time - side by side - so that everything is done twice.

Tonight I set 76 rivets without a single casualty. That means I'm getting better at this. Last night, I had to replace the very first rivet I installed. Tonight - none. That's progress.

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