Hours: 2.1
Elevators: 58.9

These trim tabs are annoying. Not because they're hard. No. Because every step requires you to build things out of wood. So, to avoid buying a band saw, I arranged to borrow the six clamp blocks needed for the trim tabs from someone whose further along in their construction of an RV-10. Then I had to buy a long 2x8 and hinges to build a break for bending aluminum. Of course, I made the break and sanded it smooth so it doesn't scratch the trim-tab skins. Then I needed a couple of wooden wedges having the same geometry as the clamp blocks. These wedges are used for bending the ends of the trim tab skins. ... Anyway, I think I've now got all the extra wooden things made and the trim tabs are under-way.

I didn't put in as much time on the airplane as I had hoped today. Scott and I went to the local EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) meeting this morning. We both wanted to hear the speaker who was a former Top Gun instructor and had some great stories. And I wanted to see a demo that was being done on how to use proseal. Good timing on that demo since I'll be using that stuff for the first time in a few days.
There are several builders at the Manassas chapter of the EAA (this is the chapter we belong to) who are building or already flying RV-10's. As a bonus today, there's a member getting ready to fly his RV-10 for the first time within the next couple of weeks, and he invited Scott and me to come by his hanger and check out his airplane. It was exciting to see and made Scott and me both look forward to when our airplane is at the same stage.

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