Hours: 5.2
Elevators: 64.1

A ton of little things done tonight. The closeout tabs on the sides of the trim tabs were bent into place - though these aren't perfect, I'm sorry to say. It involved clamping wooden wedges into exactly the right place and bending aluminum and then hitting the aluminum with the rivet gun set at low pressure in order to crease the aluminum on the right line. But I had a problem with the wedges moving when hitting it with the rivet gun and creasing the aluminum slightly out of place. It'll hardly be noticed and isn't a safety issue, so it stays as is.
Other things done were trimming the trim-tab control horns to the right shape and deburring the edges, final drilling holes, deburring holes, countersinking holes, and probably one or two other things I can't remember. With all this stuff done, I forgot to take any pictures.

Oh, and I had some help from Daniel today. He helped to hit the edges of the trim tabs with the rivet gun (as mentioned above) while I tried to hold the wedges in place. This method helped, but still didn't give us perfect bends.

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