Hours: 3.8
Elevators: 68.6

Finally got the trim tabs done. Wow, they were a hassle. There was a particular rivet on both trim tabs that gave me particular difficulty. I had to drill it out on one side 3 times, and twice on the other side. On both sides, I discovered cracks in the dimple of the skin and had to remove the rivet, drill out for a #4 rivet, dimple for a #4 (the hole was a little oblong after drilling out a couple times (on both sides) and I wasn't comfortable using an oops rivet), and squeeze them in. The pictures show one of the holes after polishing out the cracks. I suspected the crack initially and used a handy magnifying glass that Zach keeps in the garage for easy access when he's in the mood to start camp fires in the fire-pit (which he actually does successfully). The troublesome rivets were in the trim-tab control horns which are shown.

Then I did the proseal job. Man does that stuff every bit live up to its reputation. What a mess! But now the foam ribs are in place in the trim tabs and the elevators. I'll give them a day or two so the proseal can cure and then hopefully finish off these elevators! I'm guessing there's another 10 hours of work to finish them off.

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