Elevators - Complete

Hours: 5.3
Elevators: 81.6

Elevators are complete!!

Today I had a lot of help from three of the kids and everything went pretty smoothly. The hinges were cut to size for attaching the trim tabs to the elevators. We tried to use the mitre saw for this task, but in the end just used a hack-saw followed by the scotch-brite wheel smooth it out. The hinges were match-drilled and riveted. Then the trim tabs were positioned and the hinge pin inserted. Then the end of the hinge pin was bent in order to better secure it to the elevator so that it can't back its way out (still have to put on the safety wire when I get some, but that's a 2 minute job.)

All in all, I'm really happy with how the elevators turned out. There are a couple of pictures showing the elevators balanced on the bench. This gives me a good feeling. In the end, they'll have to be balanced correctly before flying, but the fact that they don't slam down on one side or the other has an intuitively good sound to. The trim tabs don't look the greatest, but I believe they're structurally sound and will be fine in the end. That said, when I have the EAA Tech. counselor over to inspect my empennage construction, I'm going to ask him to look that over carefully just to be sure.

The parts for the tailcone (aside from the skins) have been moved to the garage and the elevators into the "airplane room." My hope is to order the wing kit at the end of this month. We shall see.

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