Hours: 2.2
Elevators: 76.3

Took the four lead blocks which are the counterbalance weights, trimmed them according to the plans and installed them into the elevator tips. The bolts were properly torqued and marked.

The only thing of interest tonight is that lead gets REALLY hot when you use a belt sander on it. And it stays REALLY hot for a very long time. I started out trying to cut, or rather shave, by using a vixen file. But this would have taken forever. I didn't want to use a hack-saw because I'd never be able to keep a line straight through the block. Not to mention the dimensions of the cuts were down to the 1/32 of an inch. So, I used a mitre saw for some of the cuts. They came out pretty good. And on two of the blocks, a large protruding area had to be removed from the surface, so I decided to put in a fresh belt and use the belt sander. It took a long time, with many, many long breaks to allow the lead to cool enough to be handled, but that part, too, came out really good.

I think one more session and I'll be finished with the elevators! All that's left is to attach the trim tabs.

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