04/18/2011 – 04/19/2011
Hours: 6.1
Tailcone: 22.9

For the first time, I have fabricated a part from aluminum angle and gotten it right on the first try – the F-1056 rudder stop bracket.  I've discovered that I need to make initial cuts long and then use the belt sander to get the cut down to the line.  Where there are angles, I apply some basic trigonometry to compute the exact angle of the cut, then mark the metal at some reference point, then dial in the angle on the guide of the belt/sander or mitre saw and make the angled cut.  After this, I run the bench-grinder to smooth the edges.

In addition to this minor accomplishment, we now have in the garage something that is actually beginning to resemble an airplane.  Of course, it's only clecoed together at this point, but it's exciting to see.  The right and left skin of the tailcone is in place and the J-channel stiffeners on the bottom skin and the right skin are completely match-drilled.  We've ordered another 300 3/32 clecos to make the job of match-drilling the stiffeners on the left side a bit easier and we'll continue with that job when they arrive.  In the mean-time, I'll jump around and do whatever doesn't depend on that step being complete.

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