04/27/2011 - 05/04/2011
Hours: 13.9
Tailcone: 39.4
I'm no longer updating every day.  Mostly this is because there has been little visible change from day to day.  In the past week or so, we've got most of the tailcone clecoed together.  All the stiffeners are in place and drilled.  The two longerons are clecoed in place (those were those long aluminum angle pieces that needed a 2 degree bend in them).  Several angle parts have been fabricated and positioned.  The skins are clecoed in place and drilled also which makes this project finally begin to look unmistakably like an airplane.  In the process, just about every cleco we own is sticking out of the tailcone.  We just bought an additional 300 which means we own something like 800 or 900 3/32 clecos.  I think we'll probably need even more for the wing kit and the fuse kit.
Most notably, we've had our first passenger.  Well, our first occupant, I should say.  Zachary had the honor of being the first person inside the airplane.

After thinking about the F1010A bracket I re-made from aluminum angle I bought at Home Depot (discussed in a previous post), I decided I better check on that.  Good thing.  It turns out that the aluminul from Home Depot is not of the same strength as the stuff provided in the kit.  I promptly ordered the correct angle aluminum from Van's and made yet another F-1010A bracket.  Note to self, never replace anything in the kit with something purchased from a store without thoroughly checking it out.

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