05/28/2011 - 05/30/2011
Hours: 7.2
Tailcone: 83.3
Got the side stiffeners all riveted to the sides along with the bottom stiffeners to the bottom.  Also got the sides riveted to the frames and bulkheads.  I got Scott to help and in about 15 minutes he was able to buck rivets as well as I can do it.  It took me quite a bit longer to learn this art.  In the past, I always did the bucking while he managed the gun, but he wanted to try bucking so, anticipating the future where someone will have to crawl inside the airplane to do the bucking, I figured now was a really good time for Scott to learn how to do it.  Guess who's going to be crawling into tight spots to buck rivets from now on?
One serious issue I ran into while riveting one of the side stiffeners was in four places the bucking bar slipped and dented the stiffener.  (These were areas where I was bucking and riveting by myself before I got Scott to help.)  In three of these cases, the damage was very minor.  But in one, it was a little worse than I'm comfortable with.  I've smoothed all the damaged areas out with the little scotch bright wheel and I'm going to drill out a few inches worth of rivets on either side of the worst damaged spot and put a J-Channel doubler right over the original J-Channel stiffener.  When the EAA Tech. councilor comes by, I'll be sure to point it out to him for a closer inspection, but from my research, I believe this is a very appropriate step to take in order to prevent cracking or buckling in this area when we eventually get this thing flying.


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