Hours: 2.5
Tailcone: 99.3
After getting some advice about access not being a big problem and realizing I would need as many 3/32 clecos as possible for the wing kit, I decided to finish the last pieces of the tailcone that I said in the last post I would wait until assembly to do. That means that the aft top skin is now riveted in place and after I get some more primer shipped here, I'll get the battery and bell-crank bolted in place.  Next steps will be to find a place to store the tailcone.  It's not going to fit through the door to get into the "airplane room" where all the other pieces are waiting.  I'm thinking I'll either build a loft in the garage to store it or stand it up on its fat end on a platform in a corner.  We'll see.
Other than that, I am happy to report that we have ordered the wing kit and expect it sometime in early to mid August.  Until then, I may do some things like buy and install the static air ports, maybe install a NACA vent, maybe order an autopilot servo bracket and install it, an external battery port.  Or maybe I'll do nothing.  Time will tell.

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