Wing Ribs

Hours: 15.0
Wing Ribs: 15.0

Getting started on the Wing Ribs.  Got them all deburred and match-drilled to the wing spars.  One fun thing was that I had to use my brand-spanking new right-angle-drill attachment.  That was fun.  I was hoping to have all the wing ribs and accessories (like the flap hinges) primed and ready for riveting, but I massively underestimated the amount of primer I would need.  As a result, I've got less than half a can of primer left and 24 ribs (out of 30) still to be primed.  Because I realized I would run out of primer early on in the process, and would have enough only for a few ribs, I chose wisely which ribs to prime first so that I could at least get the flap hinges attached while I wait for more primer.  I believe I'll need about another 5 cans of primer for the ribs.

I forgot how much I don't like priming at night.  It's really hard to get the primer to look smooth with only a flashlight (which I broke, incidentally, by dropping it).  So it's really, really hard to get the primer to look smooth in almost complete darkness.  Turned out just tolerable in the end (after a few brink-it-back-out-and-spray-it-again incidents that is.)

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